Hi all

So I just found out a few weeks ago that my wife has become pregnant, we had been trying on and off over two years, had fertility tests etc. I initially took this news with surprise, followed by doubts, leading to excruciating bouts of anxiety and panic attacks. Im an introvert, I like my space, my quiet time away from the busy world and now that is going to be replaced with a highly dependent, tantrum throwing little snot. I realized this at the most inconvenient of times I know.

I strongly feel like we werent trying for the sake of ourselves and what we want in life, rather responding to outside pressures (friends, family, society etc...). My sister had even offered to be a surrogate mother, out of the blue!

In addition to pressure from other people, lot of this pressure came about because of her age(35). The fear of "missing out" seems to have trumped reason in this case.
She feels quite disconnected from this pregnancy, is unsure if she wants to keep it and is quite worried about the state of my mental health.

Compounding all of that, I had plans to go back to school as I am in low paid work and the company I work for is looking a little shaky. I am worried that having this child will lock me into low paid work for the rest of my life.

Should we terminate or not?